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Do Police Drug Test For Marijuana at Roadside traffic Stops?

Since marijuana is now legal in several places, cops have been forced to come up with ways to tell if you are driving under the influence. The police have come up with some interesting ways to establish if one is driving under the influence thanks to the lack of a straightforward test. In places where marijuana has not been legalized yet, it is an offense if you have it in your car or system. Cops are working on finding ways to determine if the drivers that are pulled over are driving under the influence of marijuana. If you want to know what an officer will do if they suspect you are under the influence, you can learn more about it by reading more here.

They have an option to use the breathalyzer. as of yet, there are no breathalyzer tests that can determine if someone is under the influence. This is attributed to the fact that the marijuana in your system does not correlate in any way with your impairment. A simple drug test cannot establish your level of impairment from THC like it does with alcohol. There are however reports that a marijuana breathalyzer has been invented by a doctor in California to be used on people who are suspected to be under the influence. It has not been used yet, and there are no signs of whether or not it will be used in the future. If a police officer has suspicions that you could be under the influence, they may have you take a breathalyzer test, but it will most probably be for alcohol.

A urine test is another option that they could use. In some areas, you automatically consent to a urine test if the officer on duty suspects that you could be under the influence. If an officer believes that you are driving under the influence, they may force you to provide a urine sample. This has its disadvantages as well. This because THC can stay in your body for up to a few days after smoking. It may not be enough to incriminate you if the officer fails to prove that you failed a field test or had other indications of being high.

An officer can see if you have THC in your system by using a mouth swab. The lack of accuracy in this method means that it is completely comparable to the others. This poses a challenge since officers cannot use them to prove that you are high. They cannot also be used to charge you for driving under influence unless there is another source of evidence to supplement it.

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